Florian lässt Clarissa eine unserer knusprig gerösteten Grillen probieren.

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Illustration eines Mundes, der die Zunge herausstreckt auf beigem Hintergrund.

Delicious Umami

The Fifth Taste Roasted crickets taste hearty, nutty, and umami. Umami is the fifth taste. When we hear sweet, salty, sour, or bitter, we immediately have an idea of how something might taste, but umami is a vague notion for many – it tastes somehow savory, hearty, and robust. While the other four tastes were known since ancient times, umami remained undiscovered for a long time and has some catching up to do. Today, we want to focus on this taste sensation. The word "umami" is Japanese and means delicious, savory. In the early 20th century, there were already reports...

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Illustration einer geöffneten Hand auf hellblauem Hintergrund.

Insects - Superfood? Part 2

Part 2: Antioxidants Insects are on their way to becoming a part of European diets. The focus is on environmentally friendly production and health benefits. It's already known that these small creatures contain high-quality proteins, minerals, and vitamins. Now, a new study has also confirmed the presence of antioxidants in insects. What Are Antioxidants, Anyway? We've all heard of antioxidants. It sounds healthy. But what exactly are antioxidants, and what is their function in the human body? The consumption of antioxidant-rich foods plays an important role in preventing cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and cancer. They also slow down cell aging, which...

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Illustration eines Yin- und Yang-Zeichens in Form eines Tellers auf beigem Hintergrund. Neben dem Teller befinden sich eine Gabel und ein Messer.

Insects - Superfood? Part 1

Part 1: Proteins and Essential Amino Acids What lands on our plates has changed enormously in recent decades. One superfood replaces the next in supermarkets and on food blogs. Insect products are often referred to as superfoods as well. On our blog, we take a look at the nutrients in crickets and what they are needed for in our bodies. To kick things off, we'll focus on proteins and essential amino acids. Aside from taste and a spirit of experimentation, health reasons are important arguments for unknown or unusual foods. Increasingly, sustainability is also becoming a decisive factor in the...

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Eine Illustration mit mehreren Blättern Papier. Auf dem ersten Blatt ist eine Grille.
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